Friday, September 02, 2005

The Scoop on the Blog

So hi there. We're figuring this thing out, as neither of us are programmer-type geeks or nuthin' (but hey, couldn't you tell, due to the mail-order blog format service choice?). We promise it will get more witty and irreverent once the process is a little further along.

So the deal is this: we've decided that I'm The Witty One (The W.O.) and my sis The Irreverent One (The I.O.), although both of us are also simultaneously possessive of the other quality. (Because, you know, what is sisterhood without a little labeling, right?) I think once we do this some more, the tendencies in each of our commentary will become apparent, and you, dear reader, will say to yourself, "why yes, very aptly have they named themselves." Well, maybe you'll say it differently, unless you're Yoda.

To add a twist, I am an expatriate homemaker (on "extended sabbatical" from a career in international policy), raising two young boys in Seoul, South Korea, for the moment. My sister is a homemaker who is a part-time professional doing design and makeup on the side in while raising one daughter in Indiana. We both have pretty cool husbands, but they'll definitely be fair game from time to time. Of course there will be the mandatory exploits of the rugrats to slaver over, as well. We'll try not to bore you, bwa-ha-ha.

We don't have an agenda and we don't plan to have a cause to harp on, we just figure we have our own viewpoint and lives that, with a little hyperbole, could be mildly amusing. Raising kids has to be done with humor. We have a lot of enthusiasm about this endeavor, some inspiration, and some good ol'-fashioned moxie. We just hope you'll read it, laugh, maybe pee yourself occasionally, and want to tell your friends about this awesome thing you read the other day. So welcome, and we hope you like it. 'Cause if you don't, it's our dang blog. Toodle-oo.


Blogger soulless said...

White walls? Y'all get to decorating now. And baby pictures. Gots ta have some cute little baby pictures.

(I tried to post some in a comment but it won't let me, sorry!)


9/02/2005 2:56 PM  

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