Friday, September 02, 2005

here I is

Neener on you, W.O. There's a typo in your post. I thought you were all about the grammar and language stuff. Anyway, I have decided to dedicate this naptime to Blogging, so the outside world sees that I do more than sit on the chaise lounge eating bon-bons all day. (BTW, I've never encountered a single bon-bon in my life. I think they're an urban legend)

Here's my deal. Everyday I have to cram all the useful things I have to do into a time slot that lasts 1 1/2- 2 hours, known to the outside world as "The Kid's Naptime" so mind you this is precious time I'm spending with you time-wasters! (And I know that about 99% of you are reading this at work, so surely you have something really important and official-looking document minimized to click back to if the boss walks by). I am mostly a "HomeMaker" and I occasionally get to leave my house and go to work as a costume designer or a wig/makeup/wardrobe assistant. It's not regular work, but it's flexible and fun, and I haven't had to subject my honey-'chile to the Daycare experience yet, so I love it. We've also just moved into our first non-apartment dwelling, so I am sitting surrounded by boxes and un-hung pictures (something else I should be doing!) thinking about making brownies instead.

As W.O. mentioned, we are sisters- I the younger, she the older- and I am artsy and she is cerebral (a.k.a.- nerd!) We have shared everything from barbies to training bras, to a code with the driveway-light that meant "GET INSIDE NOW BEFORE MOM COMES OUT AND FINDS YOU MAKING OUT WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!" Okay- so that one was mostly for W.O., that hoochie... But anyway we're pretty tight and we both think the other one is funny, so time and blogs will tell if we were sorely mistaken. We hope you enjoy this delicious slice of our grey-matter, and make sure that you don't get caught!

the Irreverent One


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