Sunday, September 04, 2005

I will NOT go gently!

Showered just now. While putting on my now-routine facial lotion (nagging internal voices chanting "you end up with the face you deserve") I noticed something different, up at my hairline. THREE small curly white hairs, each about one inch long. Not one; not two; three. I only just turned 33. I am young. But I am not helpless, so with the help of my diabolical tweezers, they are no more. Until they grow out again. At that time I promise I will report back on whether the myth -- that if you tweeze one white hair out, several more will grow back in its place -- is true. I seriously hope not, because then we may just have to have a small fire to clear the brush, as it were. Yikes, I may have to go buy myself something young and hoochie this next week. Clear platform heels, anyone?

Oh yeah, speaking of hoochie, I had totally forgotten the porch light code, I.O. I was dying when I read that.

Eww, have to go. One of my Korean neighbors downwind must have decided to make double fish soup with fish fritters for breakfast or something. The kitchen window will now be bolted shut and a candle lit. Ugh.


Blogger soulless said...

It's true, if you pull out one white hair, seven more will come to its funeral. Just look at my eyebrows next time we meet. So that's 21 white hairs on their way, sis, so get the tweezers ready. But don't worry because gray hair is way sexxy with lucite heels. Rawr. Mr. Wit will be very happy.


9/04/2005 2:11 AM  

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