Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg-stravaganzas

So, being that I am the Irreverent One by title around here, you may count on me for some Irreverent thoughts/happening regarding Easter.

"Jesus is a zombie, let us celebrate by impersonating a freakishly large Bunny who distributes candy and chocolate to our children." - Me

I decided to skip the floor-show known as Easter-sunday church and sent my daughter along with the Grandparents to show off her $30.00 dress bought specifically for this one day in her life. My Agnostic Hubby decided to go with them to "see" the church that the Grandparents like to take the girl to on Wednesday evenings. Once they arrived there, I received the following text-messages from Hubby.

10:38am- "Kill me now. There are Disciples and Centurions in the lobby*."

*Um, I believe the correct religious term is Foyer ( often pronounced a-la-midwestern-francais "Foy-YAY")

10:53am- " I think they're gonna crucify somebody. These cats are hardcore!!"

Note: There was apparently no children's church or nursery offered during the service today, so that all the kids could experience the gruesome spectacle of Jesus' crucifixion followed by his resurrection, complete with Gold-glittered beard. Apparently the afterlife has Bling.

I keep evaluating the occasional pangs of guilt I have had today for skipping the whole church thing, but the fact remains that I do not attend church the rest of the year, so I felt the most truthful thing to do was to carry-on as usual. I know how to do the dance and sing the songs and talk the lingo, but that carries no meaning for me anymore and I'm kinda proud that for once I had the Balls to just be who I am.

And the $30.00 dress is going straight into the dress-up area- not like she's gonna need it again before she's outgrown it, so I may as well let her get my money's worth out of it!


Blogger The Witty One said...

Re: Gold-glittered beard bling, maybe Heaven has a Michael's.

4/12/2009 9:24 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

would it even qualify to be heaven WITHOUT a Michael's?

4/13/2009 10:08 AM  

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