Thursday, May 18, 2006

rain, rain, go to hell...

Our weather lately has been a recreation of the first six days of the forty days of rain that sent noah to live in a boat with a bunch of smelly animals. I guess that makes me noah, 'cause we all know who the smelly animal is. She is 21 months old, screams and has a runny nose.

Grandmom's visit was a success (for the fast-food vendors in town) and I spent most of the weekend drinking the cost of my bridesmaid dress in martinis. yum... Grandmom gave me a one-pound box of my favorite chocolates and a 25.00 gift card to TJ Maxx for mother's day. yay Grandmom! She also watched over my monkey with more love and krispy kremes than I could have, so everyone is happy! I did make hubby buy his first suit since junior year in high school (and no, that one hasn't been in the clothes-that-get-worn pile either, thank god!) and now he can go proudly forth and be generally fabulous when the occasion calls for it.

We are now coming to the close of my recovery-week, and the manicure is fading, the bridesmaid dress sits in its plastic bag- having completed it's first week of eternal-polyester-life, and I haven't taken a shower in one or two more days than is recommended by the surgeon general. Now that things are back to normal, I gotta get to work on those shows again. (2 down, 2 and a class to go). Where's my time-traveling phone booth a-la Dr. Who or Bill and Ted? I need august. now.


Blogger YO MAMA said...

Young lady you can't talk like that you should say: I am sooo tired of this confounding rain!!

5/21/2006 5:53 PM  
Blogger The Witty One said...

Uh oh, yo mama (thinks she) is gettin' into the Wit and Irreverence game. Now we cain't post about her no more! Dang!

5/22/2006 1:48 AM  

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