Monday, April 03, 2006

I got a new drug

Myspace is like Meth (or at least it is like what I hear Meth is like...) One visit and you're hooked! I have spent about 70% of the time I was at home this weekend on Oh. My. God. I have found friends from middle/high school, and college and grad school! I am so addicted! I felt a little like the super-uncool mom at first, realizing that all my single friends were on there and obviously having a great time. It's strange how just having them on my friends list makes me feel younger and cooler already. I even DREAMT about myspace this weekend- no lie! my daughter is loving my addiction too- that means that when I'm not looking, she can climb on the coffee table, dining table, the back of couches, etc and just have a great old time until she falls down and decides "mommy needs to know about this!" But do not alarmed, dear reader, though i have admittedly spent alot of time online this weekend, I have also taken time to play with my girl and go out to eat a couple of times and actually get some work done. So I guess it's not exactly like Meth in that I'm still eating and sleeping and getting work done. If I ever stop eating and sleeping, you know I'm actually on Meth 'cause those are my two favorite things to do! although when you think about it, they do both start with M, and all my friends are doing it....


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