Thursday, March 30, 2006

So Very Prodigal

I have been very bad, dear reader, I have been absent without explanation or reason. I am putting myself in the "Penalty Box" for 31 1/2 minutes and not letting myself out no matter how loudly I scream. Then again, this technique doesn't seem to work on Mankey, so maybe I'll just put myself in bed for a 31 1/2 minute NAP! Yeah, that's more like it.

Despite my absence, I see that the Witty One has been shouldering the load and for that I am grateful. I have had many "I should Post this" moments, but haven't actually posted. so yeah- deal. ( gotta earn my Irreverent title, y'all!)

some postable moments:
Watching VH1 Classic, bopping to some videos circa 1980's, and looked over to see Monkey and a Hubby also bopping along to the synthesized drumbeat. I had a vision in that moment of Monkey in High School, being dubbed totally cool because she knew all these great 80's bands. I think she was wearing a "Relax" T-shirt...

The Moment Monkey decided to add "Aww, Maaaan!" to her vocabulary, a-la Swiper the Fox of Dora the Explorer Fame. Yummy cuteness.

Monkey's first playground kiss- even though it was a mall playground and maybe she hit on the boy who was in the plane she wanted to get into. Nontheless, he leaned over, cupped her face in his hands and planted one on her. We are so in trouble.

Monkey putting her shirt on as pants- it's a first effort at what I'm sure I will later remember as "the moment I lost image-control" as Monkey leaves the house to go to high-school wearing something that the rest of the adult world has a difficult time classifying as "an Outfit."

Our first family foray into the animatronic wonderland known as Chuck-E-Cheese. It was Hubby's 30th birthday request, and the token-fueled frenzy engulfed us all, culminating in Hubby's Mom's minor nervous breakdown when the portrait "sketcher" machine didn't spit out her portrait. Luckily I was there to manage the crisis by alerting a bored-looking teenage staff member of the malfunction. The portrait was retrieved without further violence or tears.

So, much has been going on here. We are looking forward to getting out in the warmer weather which has blown our way this week, hopefully resulting in long, long, long peaceful naps for all.

'till next time...


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