Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympics and armchairs

You know why Americans love TV so much? Judging. I've only got a few shows I try to watch regularly, and even then, Life is more important (and they'll be showing re-runs of them all in a month or two anyway), and the thing I notice is that I sit and make judgements about each character's choices, their outfits/hair/makeup, their skill, etc. I have been watching the olympics just like the rest of you, but I have decided that the Judges' commentary really screws the whole thing up. It's the perfect example of what happens at home every day when a person sits in front of the Tube to watch something. Instead of appreciating the sheer skill and mad-genius of deciding to jump off a perfectly good ramp with a couple of boards strapped to your feet, or to dedicate your entire young life to repeatedly chaining yourself to a couple of small strips of metal and see how fast you can plunge down a half-pipe of ice, we -like the judges who comment- are sitting in a safe, warm place making comments like "I just wish she would tuck in the laces on her skates. It's really about the WHOLE look. The laces flying around just takes away from that quadruple-mega-flying-flip she just did..."

I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE! I have never gotten to the point where I can let go of the wall on a pair of ice skates, let alone balance my entire body weight on a 1/4 inch strip of metal and then Jump and flip through the air, land on only a 1/4 inch strip of metal and never fall down!

Who am I to catch myself making comments like "she didn't get down far enough into that spin. There was no energy in that routine at all!" Oh, right. That's what the term "armchair quarterback" was made for. Me.

Now I see that with my advanced degree in Design I have much more of a right to criticize when I watch Project Runway (and good lord do some of those outfits and designers need some criticizing!), and that must be why Hubby HATES watching this show. Maybe he really just hates watching it with me. So I promise to stick to what I know and shut my mouth with the sports critiques.

But I'm sure Hubby will still stalk out of the room when Project Runway comes on.


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