Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mini me

I have been off gallivanting in the warmer climes of the Northern American continent, and yes, I had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I hope you did too. No, I didn't send out Christmas cards this year- and I'm not gonna feel guilty, so stop tryin!

For the first time since the monkey hit this planet's oxygenated atmosphere, I have been employed for a stretch longer than two weeks. I don't know how all you 9-5 working moms do it... Between the never-seeing-the-baby-guilt, the oh-my-god-I'm-so-tired-so-why-don't-we-eat-dry-cheerios-for-dinner-guilt, and the if-my-hubby-hasn't-had-an-affair-yet-from-lack-of-sex-yet-then-thank-god-for-internet-porn-guilt, I bow to you, oh working mom. I am pooped. I love my work, and it's mostly on evenings and weekends, but it's really tiring and takes up all my evenings and weekends. Weird how that works, eh? Anyway, I'm sending a Ellen DeGeneres-esque "HOLLA!" to the full-time working moms out there. ( of course if you're a working mom without TIVO, you probably don't get the Ellen reference, but oh well.

I am told that tonightwhilst I toiled away, my Monkey threw an all-out cookie-monster fit. She didn't want the Crackers, Graham cracker sticks, or the honey-nut-cheerios (all of which are referred to as "COOKIE!!!) but tearfully demanded nothing less than the contents of the giant bag of bite-sized candy-bars- apparently now also called COOOOOKKKKKKKIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure if we should go ahead and count this as her first raging PMS craving or not. I think the PMS cravings will last longer than a half-hour (God Help us!) and for now, I'd prefer to have the PMS market cornered in this house.


Blogger soulless said...

I love our little cookie monster.

She was the bubble monster last night, though. She started saying "bubble? bubble? bubble?" and looking expectantly up to me last night, so we went to the kitchen and I blew her bubbles for 5 or 10 minutes, and enjoyed this greatly. When I said "bye bye bubble" and put the bubbles away, however, her face became a "paper-white mask of evil" as she began yelling at me "Bubble??? Ahhhhahah! Bubble? Bubble!! EEEEAAAaaaahhh!!!" etc. Am I crazy to think this was cute?

1/12/2006 2:15 PM  

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