Thursday, December 15, 2005

A new ... Milestone?!

Today the Monkey and I crossed a new and disturbing Milestone. The poop-in-hand. I had stripped mokey our of her one-piece fuzzy sleeper to change her diaper today and she made a quick escape, as has become her routine. Figuring her little Bum could use the fresh air, I let her wander off and waited for her to return. She Returned all right! With a plum sized ball of poo in each hand! She sweetly walked up to me, handed me one, and as I realized with amused horror what was in my hand, I also saw her putting her other hand up to her mouth (it's one of those things you remember in Slow-motion) about to Eat the OTHER plum sized ball of her own poo! I quickly grabbed it from her, realizing I now had a ball of baby-poo in EACH hand, and after checking that she had no other poo-in-hand, deposited the poos in the dirty diaper, and attacked her with a wet wipe. The rest of the day her nickname was "poo-face" and I'm 99% certain I confiscated all poo, since no more poo surfaced as the day progressed and there are no "strange-smelling corners" in our house. At any rate, I can now add that to my list of disgusting things I willingly cup in my hand for the sake of my children. It goes right under the puke I willingly caught, more for the sake of her clothes than her health, but gross nonetheless. and if I HAVE to hold poo, at least it's Monkey's and not Hubby's, yes?

And No, I'm not certain that there wasn't a third poo-ball that made the whole trip past the teeth- Maybe her handing it to me was her way of saying "Hey mom! Try this!" Oy...


Blogger The Witty One said...

Thank goodness you hadn't served her prune juice recently. And at least she brought it to you, or you would have had your fist lesson in "baby's being too quiet!" I must say that now you have crossed a threshold beyond me in parenting -- never held THAT in my hand, though I've caught puke and boogers aplenty. Congratulations!!!

12/16/2005 3:02 AM  
Blogger Freckledpotter said...

At least yours is still young. A couple of nights ago, I was moving a little one from his bed to the couch due to a house guest. In order to keep my couch "pee" free I took him to the bathroom. As he did his business I noticed he was pushing a bit hard. Of course a minute later I discover why. He had too delivered a ball of poo, while standing. And mine is 6! And even in all that, it didn't keep the couch pee free. Time for a new couch.

1/01/2006 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Beth! (aka boy Sam's mom) said...

Who ever thought we'd know so much or discuss so much about poop! My Sam has no clue where it comes from, it happens totally randomly, he gets more excited about farts, especially in the tub "make bubbles from my butt!"

1/09/2006 10:50 PM  

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