Saturday, November 05, 2005

a silent partner / a brothel in Thailand

So the W.O. is off jet setting and too busy hobnobbing with the goobersmoochers to stop by and say hello these days. Because she is my sister, I will forgive her, and I hope you all forgive her 'cause she's so damn hott. (you owe me a $20 now, W.O.) We hope she returns from her globetrotting with a crapload of Wit for us, and in the meantime, I shall carry the torch here.

What does my house have in common with a brothel in Thailand? The "mood lighting?" No. The group of barely pubescent girls tricked into thinking this is a good way to provide for their families? Not exactly. The continuous flow of sorry-ass men who think this is a valid way to get some lovin'? Definitely not. The Wallpaper? DING DING DING! Yes! It's true, I am watching a documentary/expose and notice the wallpaper in my downstairs half-bath matches the wallpaper on the walls of a brothel in thailand. Proud is not the word- not exactly. The only real difference is that my bathroom wallpaper is also stained yellow except for that spot where the previous owners must have had some nas-tay hotel print hung on the wall (For your bowel moving pleasure? Ick) I was gonna paint over it, but now that my wallpaper is famous on TV and all, I gotta find a nas-tay hotel print for that rectangular non-yellowed spot...


Blogger soulless said...

I've been wondering where W.O. has been. The last 5 posts have been from my sweet little I.O., and W.O. has always seemed a little more talkative. =P

Have fun roaming the Thai brothels, or wherever it is you are these past couple weeks, sis.

I.O. is now typing and looking over at me frequently, so I have to go do some spying to see what she's typing about me...

11/08/2005 12:45 AM  

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