Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nothin better than a good bear-hug!

At the prompting of the Hubby and W.O.'s puppy love post, here's a cute toddler moment from the mall today:

As a reward to the Monkey for waiting patiently in the stroller (and only twisting 180 degrees around in her seat, and only removing one shoe and sock) while I shopped and paid for tax-exempt costume purchases, we got a cookie and went to the giant play area in the mall food court. Monkey found a couple of playmates at the slide, and proceeded to follow them around the play area and squeal with glee for approximately 20 minutes. Apparently unsatisfied with her ability to show her happiness at making these friends, Monkey began to walk up to them and give them big bear-hugs. The children (mostly older) accepted with politeness, and when they tried to disengage and walk away, Monkey simply hung on tighter and took steps with them to keep the loving flowin'. It was really very sweet, and she had all the mommies giggling by the time she decided "Heck, everyone needs a bear-hug!" and proceeded to half-attack any child who crossed her path. So yes, she is a friendly one, and I'm glad that she has no idea that maybe some kids don't/won't want a big bear-hug from squealing blonde toddler. Because really, who doesn't? I just hope she gets a little more discriminating by the time she hits high school, or her daddy really will have to lock her up!


Blogger soulless said...

I love my little maniac toddler!

10/13/2005 9:59 AM  

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