Thursday, September 29, 2005

She may LOOK like her daddy, but she's all woman!

I am so proud. My Monkey loves shoes. Since we got her new (pink) sneakers, she will bring them to me repeatedly during the day so I can put them on her feet. I wrestle one on, then the other, and off she goes marching around the house listening to the sound they make on the floor, staring at her feet the entire time. She does not need to be wearing daytime clothes- or clothes at all- to want her sneakers on. They are not functional to her as they are to most walking humans. They are decoration, like a sparkly shirt or the computer mouse she likes to wear on her neck like a feather boa. So maybe her taste is still a bit indiscriminate, but then maybe the next big thing in Winter Fashions is the computer-component as accessory- Watch out John Galliano.

The I.O.


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