Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to the Salad days

Well, my reason for junk-food overload is gone, so now it's back to being good. I guess it was time anyway, or we'd be eating m&m's and wine coolers for lunch soon. Have to go get shots for the kid tomorrow- her first Chicken pox vaccine... Do they make a scrapbook stamp for that? I forget.

Yes, It's true. I got a phone call from my mother-in-law last night asking me how much of my new scrpabooking materials I want her to send now (the rest to be trickled into holiday presents between the new pieces of our dishware and silverware for years to come). I never thought I'd get into scrpabooking- just looking at the how-to books with all the special hole-punches and die-cuts and stamps and inks and buttons and grommets and .... well, you get the idea- My head just starts to pound. But I have been informed that even if I never scrapbook, I have my own starter kit on the way with love from "Ma." I imagine I'll try it once, not finish a page, and then have to put it away- and never get it out until Sam and any siblings to follow leave for college. At which point I'll be dripping empty nest tears onto it and then it'll just be a mascara-caked mess. At least I can say I didn't have to pay for it!?!

Die cuts and ribbons and stamps, OH MY!!!

The I.O.


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