Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Fast Food Nation

Y'know how many Totino's Pizza Rolls it took today? 16. Ack. I should eat only brown rice and vegetables for the rest of the week now, a la poor Nomi Malone in Showgirls. And then my stock response will become "It doesn't suck!" You will want to shoot me, and I will want you to shoot me, so if that happens, shoot me, okay? However, since we all know the evil nature of PMS, we know that there will be neither brown rice nor vegeatbles in my diet for at least one week now- even if they're deep fried and rolled in powdered sugar. The Monkey's afternoon nap is turning out to be the downfall of my "I'm gonna try to be good and eat healthy so my Monkey doesn't end up as one of those 200 pound 5 year olds you see on Maury Povich" pledge. Really, it's not for me, or for my hubby, only so that the Monkey doesn't find herself eating 16 pizza rolls as a snack in the early afternoon at the age of 31. Oh well, I usually don't restrict myself, since cramps and bloating and half-hour increments of Devil-dom seem to warrant unlimited chocolate and junk food.

Tonight is Mommy-night, and I'm psyched! Several weeks ago, after my hubby almost had to pummel me out the door to get away and unwind, we decided that it was best for all of us if I had a planned night off of Mommyhood, so I chose Thursday night since its half-price martini night at my favorite Martini bar. No, I don't go there and sit alone getting smashed and hitting on the bartender, I just thought it'd be good to have considered the possibility of going there with the "peeps" on mommy-night. Hubby even suggested I not worry about dinner tonight so I can just get out and go ASAP. I think I'm taking him up on it, but he better not touch my Pizza Rolls! And I will be counting them to make sure.

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