Wednesday, September 07, 2005

so many naps, so little time

W.O., you got too much time on your hands- I am insanely jealous. Is it wrong for me to wish my monkey were old enough to go to school and leave me alone for six-hours each day? I never get out of the house before 11:30am because god fobid I interrupt the Monkey's naptime. Then, if I want Monkey to have a nutritious lunch I have to give both of us lunch before we leave, and then it's 12:30 before we can leave, and then I only have one and a half hours unitl naptime and god forbid I interrupt naptime, then monkey wakes up at four and it's time to think about making dinner and watch Gilmore Girls re-run 'cause who can get anything useful done in an hour with a kid in tow and then it's five and time to watch clock as I cook dinner waiting for Hubby to walk in the door and rescue the potatoes from Monkey's fangs of mutilation, if he doesn't walk in soon, then we can consider the potatoes a casualty of war and start tooting that funeral dirge on the trumpets. Then hubby gets home about 1 1/2- 2 hours later and it's time for dinner and trying not to be mad that hubby got home at 7, and then it's bathtime and bedtime for Monkey and time to ignore the dishes in the sink, and by then it's too late for a leisurely trip through Costco. You suck.

I will go wash last night's dishes now and turn off the tv. We got lotsa stuff to get done in one and a half hours this afternoon. Can I just take a moment here to say how ridiculous it is that Harry Connick Jr. sang "How it feels to miss New Orleans" to the evacuees holed up in the Houston superdome? here's the picture: Harry and another well-known New Orleanian musician playing/singing this song from the announcer's booth, to a dome full of people who are TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP? The contrasts are just ridiculous. I know life can't stop for everyone else, but to follow a story of a man who possibly has lost his family in the hurricane with a performance by HILARY DUFF? Nice try Ellen, but it's grotesque (and I'm not just talking about the mere existence of Hilary Duff).

lata playas,
the I.O.


Blogger The Witty One said...

Hey I.O., I know where you're at -- trust me I do, because I've been there at least twice. I've done my time, too. (And I'm sorry you had to hear about my new schedule while PMS-ing.) I'm not gonna tell you how to do things, and forgive me if I'm asking the obvious, but: 1)does she sleep in her stroller?; 2) is she a nightare if she were to skip her afternoon nap, say, once a week? Ooh and then some kids who won't sleep in a stroller will sleep in a backpack. But I do remember the days when I had accomplished something if I could get to the drycleaners and back (and forget showering on that day, pshaw).

And y'know, hubby here gets home around 7:30 pm, too, and about once a week he doesn't get home until 10-11 pm. On those days I usually get hoarse. So I feel your pain.

Oh, lastly, I thought she used to be "chicken." Now she's monkey. I guess walking definitely moved her into the class of primates? Love you and hang in there!

9/08/2005 8:07 AM  
Blogger The Witty One said...

Sorry, typo: "nightmare" (insert key was on -- I hate that key!)

9/08/2005 8:08 AM  

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