Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Black Snake Dream Update (gratuitous site plug)

In response to my own question about my dream (see below), I found via a Google search. Cool site! It's free and has an "interpret" function where you can type in your dream image and get the common meanings of said dream imagery. Whoa, take a look at what I found about snake! Especially the sentence at the bottom where it zeroes in on "rattlesnake=passage of time." Rings so true, since Son the Older just recently started kindergarten and I'm reeling about how big he's gotten. Mystery solved, and I feel relieved that the dream wasn't some harbinger of impending doom! (Lest you think I'm naive, I've heard that finding the correct dream interpretation is all about what "strikes a chord" regarding the meaning when you hear it. This really strikes a chord with me, so basta!) Bye now.


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