Thursday, September 15, 2005

Does anyone really own some of those cute juice glasses?

I spent my Mommy night reading books on toddler behavior and handling. Turns out there are lots of "experts" who give you their "technique" for the "bargain price" of $14.99. I was looking for a way to make the Monkey understand that she is not allowed to touch the buttons on the stereo/tv/cable equipment, and for ideas of things to do that would make me feel less like I'm raising a tv addict. I got an answer for the latter one so far, and bought the advice of the Baby Whisperer to read in my down time to get an answer for the former. Apprently I am to establish a daily routine, and they all make it sound so easy. Of course, for them it probably is easy because the best indicator of expert-dom is making it look easy. Of course, I now have an image in my head of Monkey and I dressed in non-stained/flattering clothes respectively, playing educational but entertaining games and making little crafts involving popsicle sticks, and eating nutritious meals which include that cute little glass of orange juice at breakfast and perfectly ripened and sliced piece of fruit at lunch, going on stress-free outings and lunchdates and playdates, and generally existing in a world of warm hazy lighting and neatly creased Khaki Capri-pants. HA. That's all I gots to say about that.

My mommy guilt is in full swing this week about the regularity of chicken nuggets in Monkey's diet, and the everpresent tv noise in the background, and the abundance of clothespins in that not-yet-unpacked box in the kitchen, which Monkey loves to play with but pinches her little fingers in at least once a week, if not once a day. So I spent my Mommy night thinkng about my Monkey, and how bad a mommy I am some days, and blahblahblah guilt! I suppose that's the joy of motherhood, and also why you appreciate your own mom more than words once you have kids of your own. (Although I never want to experience the "joys" of four children! Mom, you are a saint!)

So I will attempt to establish a routine starting tomorrow which includes "Roomtime" and "Structured Play" and "Family Time" as suggested- but I have a feeling it'll end up more like less TV and Chicken nuggets and more story-time and vegetables and hey-man-at-least it-ain't-spoiled-yet fruit.

It's okay Monkey, I thought my parents were weird too...

The I.O.


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