Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This Just In

Authentic conversation from my house just now:

Setting: Computer room. Mom is checking e-mail. Distant bedroom door opens, sound of small feet running follows. Two small boys run in, with Younger Boy being pursued by Older Boy. They are clearly in the middle of a dispute.

Older Boy: Give it BACK! (sniffling) Mom, he snatched the sword from me!
Mom: No crying over silly things. Calm down. Now you have a lightsaber already. You need to have a sword AND a lightsaber?
Older Boy: Well, that's what I was selling, for pretend.
Mom: Well then maybe you have to let somebody pretend BUY it. But okay; hey, {Younger Boy}, did you snatch that sword?
Younger Boy: (a little breathless, and pleased with self) Yeah.
Mom: Then, { Younger Boy}, first, why aren't you wearing any pants? And second, we don't snatch. Give the sword back. And {Older Boy}, you can't just hoard all the swords; be fair and let others have some if they want.

Younger Boy gives sword back.

Older Boy: Okay, Mom. (runs out)
Mom: (to retreating half-naked Younger Boy) And what happened to your pants? Come back and bring me your pants ... and your underwear!

Bedroom door closes. Satisfied chatter indicates Older Boy has resumed pretend-selling weaponry to naked-butt Younger Boy wanna-be guerrilla. Mom, shaking her head, posts to blog. It's gonna be a breezy mock battle. The pants will have to wait.


Blogger Freckledpotter said...

Just to make you feel better, my younger son (6) like to go commando too. It is a constant "where are your pants? At least put on some underware" around here. I just keep telling myself, "At least I know he'll be wearing pants when he goes to college." At least let's all hope.

9/14/2005 1:29 PM  

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