Thursday, September 29, 2005


here are the ironies of my life:

I want out of the house most days but I don't want to go back to "work."

I Love my hubby but sometimes he annoys me.

I can't post anything vent-like on my blog about said hubby since he is probably our most faithful reader (I *sigh* with love!).

I Love my Monkey though she also annoys me sometimes- especially on days like yesterday when from three pm until 6:30pm (the moment hubby walked in the door) she was red-faced screaming and crying if I dared to look at something other than her face- including the delicious chicken and pasta I was cooking in order to satiate her Hungry-man sized stomach.

I hope Monkey will learn to love her veggies though I gorge on Totino's Pizza Rolls and Oreo cookies for one solid week each month.

My In-laws are sweet and love me and Monkey so much, yet I mostly do not like when they come to visit.

Having a budget (which I created) makes me want to go out to dinner.

I want my friends to call more often, but I do not EVER call them.


Blogger The Witty One said...

I'm not gonna even MENTION that neither can you or anyone else here (hint, hint) vent about our OWN MOM because, um, YOU included her on the e-mail that let people know we were doing this. Sure, she probably doesn't look, but the day she decides to do so is gonna be the day after I'll have posted a 3,000-word rant entitled "My Dang Mom." You know how the world works that way. Dang.

BUT, *sigh*, I love you anyway.

And MY husband reads this, too. No way I was going to be able to keep my new time-consuming habit a secret from him. "Whatcha doin', honey?" "Ohhhh" (awkward pause, decide Jesus would tell the truth) "um, sis and I are doing this thing," (maybe he won't CARE) "Wow, lemme see." Nosy freak. I don't think he reads comments, though. Snicker.

9/29/2005 9:27 PM  
Blogger emaleejayne said...

mmmm Totinos pizza rolls......

Wish I could get those here in France! ;)

10/06/2005 4:31 AM  

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