Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I am going to introduce my Monkey to the art of Costume shopping today. no, I don't mean Halloween pre-packaged costumes, I mean costume-design-as-a-career shopping. I have to find a grey granny/victorian blouse and a blue short-sleeved men's shirt as well as various other items required by a show I have designed. She will experience the lightning-fast sizing up of a store's merchandise to determine if they have what I need, the Lunch at a fast-food joint (okay, so it won't be the first-time on that one), the more shopping, more shopping, the trying to find a sales person with half a brain to find the "Tax Exempt" key on the register.... And she will hopefully experience the deep sleep of exhaustion at her remaining naptime while I take a chocolate-break on the couch (that'll be a new addition to my costume-shopping routine- and a welcome one!) And so shall begin her love or hate relationship with costumes and dress-up and marathon-shopping.


Blogger soulless said... we go. I have to start doing some more interesting stuff in the lab so I can compete. The animal techs on the elevator today offered a couple of rats to take home promising that the little one would love them. I'm sure she would...maybe that's the ticket.

10/12/2005 1:47 PM  

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