Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fair food and Holiday Musings

Today we introduced monkey to the joys of the neighborhood Halloween Festival. We live in a sweet historic neighborhood which hosts its own little holiday fun, and we witnessed dogs dressed up as princesses, hotdogs, ladybugs, Wonderbread, and even a playboy bunny-dog. That was creepy. It's probably the scariest thing I've seen this Halloween season! We also got to pass down the fair-food tradition. She didn't get her own elephant ear, but we did share ours. Maybe next year she will get her very own. We still have to introduce the Funnel cake, Italian sausage and peppers, the Lemon-ice and the Tenderloin- a delicacy in this part of the nation, apparently. Hubby gets a Tenderloin every time he has the chance, but I don't really get the appeal of pork pounded thinly and deep-fried and put on a bun on which it hangs over the edges by at least an inch or two all around. I can also honestly say I will never dress up as tigger in a full-body, disney-factory produced orange fuzzy Tigger costume. NEVER. nevernevernevernever. (Yes, we saw that very scary sight today as well.) I expected alot of fairy princesses, but not as many as I saw (and most were bought from the disney store, again!) I may let Monkey dress as a fairy princess, but I hope my will is stronger than her pleas for the Disney licensed version. Then again, she's got a pretty strong grip on my will these days, so perhaps she'll get her way after all, and I'll walk through the fair with that look of "I'm whipped- just look at my kid's $50.00 costume. She'd better get alot of chocolate in that trick-or-treat bag this year" look that I saw on some parents' faces today. In the end, the holidays really are for children. The adults spend the season slaving over the stove and oven, jack-o-lantern and christmas tree, all so that their kids can experience the joy of anticipation for the magical day when they get a crap-load of candy or food or toys. The real holiday for the adults is after the kids go to bed and they can pull out the hard-liquor.


Blogger soulless said...

I think it is a requirement for the survival of the species that children sleep at least 4 hours more per day than their parents.

10/31/2005 2:01 PM  

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