Thursday, October 13, 2005

Babes in Love

It's the sweetest thing: my little one has a girlfriend. Her name is Yoon-jung Jung. Not to project too much heterosexuality onto what may be just a sweet friendship between preschoolers of differing genders (the "When Harry Met Sally" maxim on male-female friendship notwithstanding), but it sure does look like puppy love.

I have not seen the doe-eyed object of my son's attachment yet, but there must be something about the young Ms. Jung, because my son displays signs of deep devotion. His teacher tells me that if, as they start lesson time, someone else tries to sit next to him, he informs them that, no, this is Yoon-jung's place.

The other day he objected a bit when I announced it was time to leave for preschool (Disney Channel is just too good!), so I tried out the hook. I told him if we were late Yoon-jung might be lonely and wondering where he was. He immediately dropped what he was doing and as he ran to get his little backpack, exclaimed "I'm coming, Yoon-jung!" Already such a good, caring little boyfriend, isn't he?

Aww, his first girlfriend. I wonder what it is about her, and can't wait till he can tell me why he likes her. Last year, my then-four-year-old oldest son told me that he liked the object of his attraction "because she sometimes wears pink dresses." I was amazed at how early children have internalized the boy-girl thing, despite my hardly ever wearing dresses -- and certainly never pink (I am a proud redhead)!

My big boy's gotten over that girl now, and has a new girlfriend since he changed schools. (I'm with ya on the long-distance relationship thing, bub. No good.) It impressed me when he told me he doesn't like it when certain of his playmates laugh when he says she's his girlfriend, and he's not going to play with the laughers anymore. My little knight!

Sigh. Anyway, these are the things that I love about being a boys' mom. I'm raising future husbands and fathers (I hope) and it makes me proud when they show me they're off to a good start. They are so earnest they don't even know how sweet they are being. What can I say? They steal my heart again every time.


Blogger soulless said...

That's sooo sweet.

I heard about an episode today (I'm sure I.O. will post about it later) that had some similar sweetness. From the description I got we're either raising a floozie or a wrestler, it's just so hard to tell the difference at 13 months.

10/12/2005 8:54 PM  
Blogger Freckledpotter said...

My youngest called his "girlfriend" last year in order to tell her he had a crush on her. I was amazed simply because it took me until my 20's to be able to express my feeling for someone. It seemed so unfathomable to actually admit outloud. Then my then 5 year old teaches me how it is done.

Of course the little girl responded with "who are you going to do it with". I think she thought he was actually going to crush her. Ah, young love!!!

10/13/2005 5:09 PM  

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