Monday, October 24, 2005


Paul Rubens is a comic genius. We recently added the movie Mystery Men to our home DVD library and I gotta say, who else could pull off a character like The Spleen?! I have always loved him, even through the exposure incident, and I'm so glad that someone gave him another chance.

The downside of not having a dishwasher is that you can't blame the dirty-after-washing dishes on a machine. You have to blame another person. Sorry honey, feel free to point out to me when I haven't gotten a dish totally clean, okay? You rock.

The Monkey has added a very important word to her vocabulary. It's "Pizza" pronounced "PeePah!" and even recognizes the culinary delicacy by sight on coupon sheets! I'm so proud! She also says that every animal makes a "moo"-ish sound, so if you ask her what the right animal says, she's a genius!

The Monkey is also now showing a real flair for acessorizing. I have added some of my old long chiffon scarves to her toy-box (never could figure out how to wear them without looking a tick after a drinking binge) and she hapily drapes one around her neck, one over her head, and prances around like a beribboned My Little Pony. She is also very fond of bangle bracelets, employing all manner of household items as bangles for her arm- i.e. masking tape roll, round insert for her intellitable, plastic ring attached to her travel-size glowworm, etc. I myself am the kind of person who has a pair of diamond studs and a pearl/diamond pendant that never leave my body unless water is involved, so perhaps she will teach me a few things about the wonders of accessories- or pronounce me "So Uncool!" as she nears puberty...


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