Thursday, October 13, 2005

The "Neo" of the Coat-Matrix

Okay, so I love everybody and everything, but y'all need to remember that if I don't answer the phone, it's for a good reason. Now that I'm a mommy, i have very little time to myself for being quiet, reading, taking a nap, taking a shower, etc. etc... So, know that I love you and leave a dang message! I just got out of a leisurely hot shower to hear my phone ringing downstairs- now, due the restricted time I have to do anything not approved by attention-loving toddler-monkeys, I also don't yet have curtains up on all my windows so going downstairs to answer was not an option. So of course, the caller decides to call back again, then call my husband and have him call me yet again! So by now, The Monkey has been woken by all the dang phone rings, and I am stuck with an hour less of time to do things like get dressed and get my hair dried, toddler-free, much less relax and have another cup of coffee. Apparently, it was an EMERGENCY that I talk to my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law because they were in the middle of buying multiple coats for Monkey to add to the one we already have which is still not The One.

It is very important to me that this winter's coat should be The One, because a) she has to wear it basically everyday for a whole season, b) she has slowed her growth down so that clothes last almost a whole season now, and c) I didn't get to choose either of her two coats from last year (her first winter on this earth), so now it's raised the bar so that I must be the one to pick it out, and it must be The One. I know I have several winters still until she will be telling me that she has to be the person to pick out her coat (and it must be The One) but until then I declare mommy's priviledge on coat-picking. And don't you try to stop me.

Oh, and they're returning those coats- I had Hubby call them back and advise them to let me pick it out. My hubby rocks for being my go-between when I'm P.O.'d


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