Thursday, December 08, 2005


After having a foot of snow dumped on my fair city in five hours, I have decided that the writers of the song "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" had silk long-johns and multiple servants. The Long johns to keep them warm while walking, and the servants to drive them around, make them hot cocoa and a raging fire in the hearth. My drive-time to work this evening was quadrupled, and I was accompanied on the road by all the SUV's that think they own the universe, and the inevitable person in a car which has nothing to lose, swerving and darting and fishtailing thier way around all of the sensible drivers (i.e. ME!)

When you live in Florida, you think snow is so pretty and romantic, and considering that I learned to drive in Florida, I was and still am terribly uncomfortable with driving in the snow. I always think I'm sliding, and find myself chanting "Turn INTO the fishtail" as I drive along, fully tensed form headto toe and all big buggy eyes and white-knuckles. Today was also the first day I was rewuired to venture out into the snowy streets with a child buckled into the carseat. Yes, we experienced winter-driving in the Monkey's first winter last year, but never in such freshly dangerous conditions. Thankfully, we arrived at our destination unharmed, and in my joy at ariving, I locked the keys in the car. Hubby waited around the mall for an hour, then discovered I had never locked the car, just left them in the ignition of the Unlocked car. This is where I smack my forehead with the heel of my hand and promise "favors" to my perfect hubby.

I am hoping to stuff the Monkey into her snowsuit tomorrow and head out to the yard to make a snowman, or at least eat some unmarked snow before heading back onto the road to work. I am also hoping that we get some pictures, so we don't get any beatings from scrapbooking relatives this christmas. At least not for lack of pictures.


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