Saturday, November 26, 2005

Belated Real-life Thanks-Givings

Here's what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving: (Besides all the normal thankful stuff)

-Hubby's parents didn't spoil the Monkey too much while she was in their care last week!

-Hubby and Mom-In-Law and I each cooked two parts of the Big Feast so we all had time to take a nap. hee hee!

-I was PMS-ing and didn't turn into a she-devil!

-We have a spare room for the grandparents to stay in when they come here! No more cots!

-I have purchased a small purse to move back into since Monkey is more predictable now. *KNOCKS ON WOOD!!!!*

-So far I haven't had to find a menial 9-to-5 job.

-Mom-in-law and I went shopping ( event #1) and I found four items on super-sale ( event #2) to buy from ONE STORE( event #3) ! Whoa, this is a big deal. And the pants I bought were one size smaller, but not one size tighter (event #4)! Wheeeeee!

-Monkey loves her grandparents and trusts them like they were her parents, but she still needs me every once in while!

-I didn't have to sit beside a certain member of parents-in-law at mealtime and listen to their eating noises! NOT ONCE!! ( My family knows how big an annoyance eating-noises are to me...Some things never change!!)

-Cranberry Juice really does cure UTI's and if you add a little Vodka, it's a colorless, odorless way to Really enjoy the Holiday in the company of uber-religious, teetotaling In-Laws!

-The Exclamation point!!!!! :)

Just a few real-life things to be thankful for!

One down, two Holidays to go!

A Happy and Relaxing holiday sesason to you all!


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