Thursday, November 17, 2005

Moments of Clarity

I have been told that I can have a pretty bad temper. My mental response is "What you don't realize is that I was angry for a long time before I said anything, and how come you didn't realize that and STOP BEING STUPID?!!!" So, I do this thing sometimes (okay twice a week maybe) where Hubby and Monkey I are out and he does something involving Monkey and I feel like I am fixing chilcare-situations he's created and I get really terse with Monkey or Hubby or just to myself. Hubby was gone at a convvention for week, and I didn't have any of these monts- I was feeling pretty proud. We went to pick Hubby up at the Airport today and he walks up to us, gets monkey out of the stroller and then I see his bag on the carousel and inform him "there's your bag" He doesn't see it and I get annoyed a little, then he sees it and puts monkey down with one of her feet in the strap of his laptop bag. Monkey ineveitably begins to take off after him, and trips because her foot is in the loopy bag-strap. IMMEDIATELY, I go into "terse" mode, cursing Hubby under my breath while picking up Monkey and trying to keep her from walking off. It is in this moment that I realize HE IS MY PROBLEM!!! Okay, he's not actually my problem- if anything he's usually the antidote to my psychotic personality- my problem is having two people watching Monkey at the same time. If I'm in charge of her, I like things MY WAY- and when he enters the scenario and alters it, I am left in a "terse" moment. Thankfully, I believe that the first step of recovery is realization. So now I see that I have to go and get drunk before I let him help me with the monkey.

Dang, Kahlua is so expensive...


Blogger soulless said...

Another white Russian, dear?



11/17/2005 9:45 PM  

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