Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vacation Day 1 =La-HOO-sa-herrrr! (loser, a-la Jim Carrey)

Every frazzled stay-at-home-mom has a moment at least once every other day when she dreeeeeeeeams of having one day, or better yet one weekend, off of mommy duty. Well, let me tell you, perhaps the biggest curse of mommyhood is never really appreciating what you've got (oh, wait- that's the human condition... the grass is greener and all that jazz) . So anyway...

Due to my fortunate marriage to a man who has no problem taking care of of his own child and some artful southern-belle manipulation on my part(thank you for the lessons, mom), here I am on Day two of four days off of mommyhood and I. Am. Bored.

After watching hubby take off through the security line juggling Monkey and her various acoutrements, I turned around and Giggled all the way out of the airport. I may have even done a little bouncy-walking to the car. I then had the rest of the day to DO WHATEVER MY HEART DESIRED. So, what did I do? I went to the Mall and walked around "just browsing" and found myself wondering why my purse seemed so heavy- oh yeah, that's cause I usually stash it in the stroller (dang!). So I found a couple of things to buy (yes I actually needed them) and jaunted my way out of the mall. What to do next? ah yes, go to the grocery store with no list and wander leisurely through it, making spur-of-the-moment decisions about what non-nutritious food items I will eat during my 4-day sabbatical.

Armed with new PJ's, and the calorie-laden, vitamin-free spoils of my relaxing two hours, I return home and settle in for an afternoon and evening of L-A-Z-Y. By 8 pm, I have watched and old romantic movie(2 tissues), consumed a dinner that no mother would feed her offspring, and now, I'M BORED. I finished off Day 1 in bed with the TV on. Sleep was fitful as there was too much room in the bed, and too little noise in the house.

Green grass, anyone?


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