Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacation day four= now i'm broke

Day four started in the customary leisurely way and featured a shopping trip with my fave shopping buddy, Erica. She is a fellow fashionista and makeup-whore and we have great fun in the consumerist tradition.

We meet at noon at our favorite place, Sephora, and spend an hour or two browsing the goods and dodging the rabid salespeople (these are unlike any salespeople I have encountered- they will latch on to you in a given area of the store and you literally have to signal your friend to "call you over" to get out their clutches. I know they are paid to sell, and paid even more when they do make an actual sale, but geez-oh-pete... It makes shopping there a bit like a safari- hiding in the bushes until the salesperson leaves the aisle you want to go to, then dashing over and looking while you keep one eye out for the salesperson's return path). We both make admirably small purchases and eat at a yummy bistro for lunch. then it's off to the MAC store. This place is the first entire store I would purchase (after paying off all the money I owe and buying a fabulous house and car and spa-vacation) if I won the lottery. I. Love. MAC. Erica and I each leave with two new eyeshadows, a lipliner, and a lipstick- another admirably small purchase considering that we both want a little MAC store attached to our bathrooms for our daily beautification needs. We browse the rest of mall, resisting shoes and handbags that we can't justifiy paying for, and decide we've done all the damage we can allow to our wallets and feet and part ways.

I return home, take a nap, eat a delicious soup-and-salad dinner and journey to the last movie I have to see in a theatre for the Oscars. Memoirs of a Geisha. I have read the book and forgotten the plot, except that it's about a geisha. I remember that I liked the book, however, and I need to see the costumes becaseue i know they'll be breathtaking. Now, I prefer to see a movie made from a book after I have read the book, especially when I read it long enough ago that other important facts have crowded the plot out of my mind. This way, I enjoy the book and I enjoy the movie. Well, I really enjoyed this movie. I had totally forgotten the ending, which is the best part, and the costumes were beautiful as expected.

I also heard from the hubby that he and monkey are going to head back tomorrow, instead of driving overnight tonight as planned, so I have a partial day of freedom left for tomorrow. so, coming up, Vacation Day 5.


Anonymous Irreverent Hubby said...

Yeah, the Monkey and I are back. It didn't take too much manipulation to get me to take her along. We were going to see people who would be very very excited to see her and would predictably tell me how beautiful and smart she is and all that. Having people fawn over your child is a socially acceptable form of narcissism that is hard to resist.

Anyway, IO might not have mentioned, but the purpose of the trip was to pick up a truck from my grandmother in Florida, to replace my beloved but ailing '94 Town & Country, and drive it back to Indiana (with a stop in Tennessee to visit my parents). I think Monkey liked the trip quite a bit--she can see a lot better from the seat of a big 'ol truck than the back of IO's cute little Hyundai. She was much happier than on previous long car trips. I enjoyed the trip too because of the 5.3L V8 moving us from there to here. Quickly. Vrooom!

Thanks Grandma!

3/02/2006 3:29 PM  

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