Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vacation Day 3- this is the life

I think I've finally figured out the whole vacation thing: planning is still necessary to avoid long hours in front of the tube. Today I actually have an hour or two of work to do (which was the whole bargaining point my argument rested on for Hubby taking the monkey with him- it may be weak, but it worked!), so I awaken at 10am (woo-hoo!) get ready and have my breakfast and surf the 'net some. I get to work about 12:30, and am out of there by 1:30, leaving me a whole day and night to frolic. I promptly head to the nearest movie theater where I order a bagel-dog and settle in for Brokeback Mountain. The movie was fine, but I think alot of the Oscar-nomination comes from the amazing nature-views and the fact that the cowboys are gay. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are yummy, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway are attractive and sweet, but do we really need to give these boys an oscar just beacuse they made out onscreen? I think that's a little generous don't you? ( and it smacks of the "Eww, Gay" attitude- which, being a theatre-techie myself, is just rude and unacceptable in this day and age). And do we give the oscar to the guy holding the camera, or to freakin' Mother Nature? my vote is with Mother Nature. All in all, it was a fine movie, delivering everything it promised, and the experience was completed by the seemingly naive twentysomethings behind me who had to express their pleasure at looking at Heath and Jake as well as their "shock" at seeing a little front-end or back-end exposure on the boys. (Puh-Lease!)

Next up, Barnes & Noble. I cruise on over to the bookstore, pick a few magazines and settle in with that most sinful of coffee treats- a Frappucino. Yum. Several hours later, I feel a rumbling and realize it's time for dinner. I head over to Panera and have a little salad and a little sandwich and head over to movie #2. Chronicles of Narnia. I really enjoyed this one. The computer graphics are always noticeable to me, but excuseable here because how else are you gonna give a man goat-legs? I liked that they actually tried to cast kids who looked like each other to play the siblings, too. I know that sometimes it's more important to cast the ones who can actually act, but it's nice to find the best of both worlds when you have the entire child-population of the universe to pick from. So, good movie, It followed the book nicely and we did get to see a short scene where the children are grown kings and queens of narnia- again, good resemblances to the children (and yow, that King Peter!) and a book-faithful, sequel-encouraging ending. I do hope they make at least one more of these movies. Oh yeah, and Tilda Swinton rocks. She could be reciting "Green Eggs and Ham" for all I care and I would still give her an Oscar.

So, all in all a good day. Tomorrow: shopping!


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