Monday, April 10, 2006

Deep thoughts about Children's Programming

I think I just watched/listened to an entire episode of Dora The Explorer during the Monkey's naptime, because they were looking for a chocolate tree. PMS, anyone?

Who would have ever guessed that Dora's Map's song ("I'm the Map I'm the Map I'm the Map I'm the Map I'm th Map I'm the Map I'm the Map I'm the Map I'm the MAP!!!!!") would be way-more annoying than Diego's Camera, Click, being voiced by the Uber-annoying Rosie Perez?! Wow.

Who thought that naming a Backyardigan "Uniqua" was a good a idea? agh! I know they're trying to be cute using "Unique" as a jumping point for a character, but come on! And I'm annoyed every time by the valley-pronunciation in the theme song "Your backyard friends thah Back yaaaard-AH-gehns..." yeesh! it's back-yard-I-GANS, not Back-yard-agains. PHONICS PEOPLE!!

Is it just me or are The Wonderpets the cutest thing you have ever seen? I mean a little Chick named Ming Ming who can't say her r's ! Oh my god the cuteness! "This is Sewious!"
Not to mention a Guinea Pig with a cape and Turtle with a little sailor outfit! Love it!

I know Elmo is cute and all, but if I was Maria (or any of the other humans who have been on that show since I was a sesame street watcher as a child) I'd be a little bitter that Elmo has about 50% of the show now. And Snuffalppagus being visible is just SO boring! It was much better when only big bird got to see him.


Blogger Freckledpotter said...

I'm convinced that there is only one episode of the Backyardigans! Since my boys are old enough to be in school and I no longer have to be subjected to Nick Jr., I have to admit I have only seen the show about 4 or 5 times. However, everytime has consisted of the viking episode. It came on this morning and I could sing the whirlpool song, "You gotta hold on tight...hold tight. You gotta hold on tight...hold tight. You gotta hold on tight with all your viking might!" I just don't get how they can keep a show on if it only has one episode.

4/11/2006 3:26 AM  

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