Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring has sprung

... and no, this is not a R-rated post. sorry to disappoint.

We have finally reached the mild-summer temperatures of spring ( and yes, I mean mild-summer, not what you would think of as spring temps- recently the springs tend to get drowned out by the heat of summer. Spring lasts two days, then it rains for five days, then it's mid-to-upper 70's summer weather) but I digress. The weather is warm, the sun is (usually) out, and that means it's time to GET THE KID OUT OF THE HOUSE! No, not by herself, you DCFS-reporters... but we are enjoying having a fenced-in yard for the first time. I can sit and read a book while Monkey brings me sticks and fills her belly with dirt and dandelion-fur. I'm actually glad my tulips have succumbed to the freak hail-storm of last week and the following 75-ish temperatures, because getting Monkey to be "Gentle! Gentle!" with the Tulips was seriously cutting into my life of leisure. The barely used sunscreen bottle of last summer has been replaced with a new, shiny one, and we have used it the last several weekends. Another new pasttime is taking walks outside around our sweet historic neighborhood. It is SO NICE to be out of the Apartment complexes with thier man-made "lakes" and miles of Asphalt (though I know I'll miss the air-conditioniong and community pool when it gets into July and August. But then again, I'll enjoy the absence of pounding bass-riffs through the walls and or floor, and the total lack of ceiling height or storage room. Oh, and I think my FAVORTIE part of the werm-weather/no-air-conditioning combination is going to be the popularity of Grilling dinner. that saves some dishes, and Hubby gets to do the cooking. Hooray!

So Spring has sprung here and we're all cultivating nice farmer's-tans on our arms and legs. Hope you're getting to enjoy some outdoor-friendly weather as well!


Blogger pzld1 said...

I have just discovered your blog and I have to say that it is so much fun. You have described Spring in the most correct way. It does seem to have a personality all its own.
I was glad to see that you did not get upset over the tulips. I always felt that flowers took too much of the attention away, anyway. Nah! I like the flowers. But it is hard to spend so much time keeping the little ones from crushing the life out of them. Better to enjoy the sun and fun and know that there is no life to crush.

8/30/2008 11:23 PM  

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