Sunday, June 04, 2006

another productive evening

Once again, I sit in front of my computer, child-free due to the Grandma who likes to babysit, wasting precious off-time surfing the 'net. I have already visited my favorites:

and now I am on the search for a new 'web distraction. I have a folder in my favorites list labeled "Funny Blogs and Timewasters" and I go into that folder so often I practically have the order of sites on the list memorized. Hubby and I will often take to sitting 15 feet from each other and IM-ing to each other. giggling out loud to our respective jokes, both PG and R rated. This is the modern day family: multiple computers, IM-ing instead of sitting and lookingat each other, with the numbing glare and murmer of the history channel populating the background. The monkey has no idea what fun she is missing, and since she doesn't know, we sure won't mention it when she hits the IM age and we force her off the computer "because it rots your brain" or some such vague mom-esque, not-really-threatening taunt that she will one day use on her children.

SSSSHHHH! It's our secret, 'kay?