Thursday, October 13, 2005

The "Neo" of the Coat-Matrix

Okay, so I love everybody and everything, but y'all need to remember that if I don't answer the phone, it's for a good reason. Now that I'm a mommy, i have very little time to myself for being quiet, reading, taking a nap, taking a shower, etc. etc... So, know that I love you and leave a dang message! I just got out of a leisurely hot shower to hear my phone ringing downstairs- now, due the restricted time I have to do anything not approved by attention-loving toddler-monkeys, I also don't yet have curtains up on all my windows so going downstairs to answer was not an option. So of course, the caller decides to call back again, then call my husband and have him call me yet again! So by now, The Monkey has been woken by all the dang phone rings, and I am stuck with an hour less of time to do things like get dressed and get my hair dried, toddler-free, much less relax and have another cup of coffee. Apparently, it was an EMERGENCY that I talk to my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law because they were in the middle of buying multiple coats for Monkey to add to the one we already have which is still not The One.

It is very important to me that this winter's coat should be The One, because a) she has to wear it basically everyday for a whole season, b) she has slowed her growth down so that clothes last almost a whole season now, and c) I didn't get to choose either of her two coats from last year (her first winter on this earth), so now it's raised the bar so that I must be the one to pick it out, and it must be The One. I know I have several winters still until she will be telling me that she has to be the person to pick out her coat (and it must be The One) but until then I declare mommy's priviledge on coat-picking. And don't you try to stop me.

Oh, and they're returning those coats- I had Hubby call them back and advise them to let me pick it out. My hubby rocks for being my go-between when I'm P.O.'d

Babes in Love

It's the sweetest thing: my little one has a girlfriend. Her name is Yoon-jung Jung. Not to project too much heterosexuality onto what may be just a sweet friendship between preschoolers of differing genders (the "When Harry Met Sally" maxim on male-female friendship notwithstanding), but it sure does look like puppy love.

I have not seen the doe-eyed object of my son's attachment yet, but there must be something about the young Ms. Jung, because my son displays signs of deep devotion. His teacher tells me that if, as they start lesson time, someone else tries to sit next to him, he informs them that, no, this is Yoon-jung's place.

The other day he objected a bit when I announced it was time to leave for preschool (Disney Channel is just too good!), so I tried out the hook. I told him if we were late Yoon-jung might be lonely and wondering where he was. He immediately dropped what he was doing and as he ran to get his little backpack, exclaimed "I'm coming, Yoon-jung!" Already such a good, caring little boyfriend, isn't he?

Aww, his first girlfriend. I wonder what it is about her, and can't wait till he can tell me why he likes her. Last year, my then-four-year-old oldest son told me that he liked the object of his attraction "because she sometimes wears pink dresses." I was amazed at how early children have internalized the boy-girl thing, despite my hardly ever wearing dresses -- and certainly never pink (I am a proud redhead)!

My big boy's gotten over that girl now, and has a new girlfriend since he changed schools. (I'm with ya on the long-distance relationship thing, bub. No good.) It impressed me when he told me he doesn't like it when certain of his playmates laugh when he says she's his girlfriend, and he's not going to play with the laughers anymore. My little knight!

Sigh. Anyway, these are the things that I love about being a boys' mom. I'm raising future husbands and fathers (I hope) and it makes me proud when they show me they're off to a good start. They are so earnest they don't even know how sweet they are being. What can I say? They steal my heart again every time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nothin better than a good bear-hug!

At the prompting of the Hubby and W.O.'s puppy love post, here's a cute toddler moment from the mall today:

As a reward to the Monkey for waiting patiently in the stroller (and only twisting 180 degrees around in her seat, and only removing one shoe and sock) while I shopped and paid for tax-exempt costume purchases, we got a cookie and went to the giant play area in the mall food court. Monkey found a couple of playmates at the slide, and proceeded to follow them around the play area and squeal with glee for approximately 20 minutes. Apparently unsatisfied with her ability to show her happiness at making these friends, Monkey began to walk up to them and give them big bear-hugs. The children (mostly older) accepted with politeness, and when they tried to disengage and walk away, Monkey simply hung on tighter and took steps with them to keep the loving flowin'. It was really very sweet, and she had all the mommies giggling by the time she decided "Heck, everyone needs a bear-hug!" and proceeded to half-attack any child who crossed her path. So yes, she is a friendly one, and I'm glad that she has no idea that maybe some kids don't/won't want a big bear-hug from squealing blonde toddler. Because really, who doesn't? I just hope she gets a little more discriminating by the time she hits high school, or her daddy really will have to lock her up!

Shamefully Basic

I am so happy. I am happy because a shipment has arrived and in that shipment, a new white t-shirt. Hooray, a white t-shirt! Oh, it's gorgeous. It fits really nicely. It's not too 'boy' and it's not too 'girl.' Can be dressed up or down. I can tell this is going to become my new 'best white t-shirt' that I will closely guard the washing and drying of so that it is ready to be donned whenever I have an important mommy/casual social event. I may even need to order a second identical one to bear the traffic.

This happiness is, honestly, absurd. No, really, it is. Because as you may be able to tell, I am a little 'round the bend about white t-shirts. I love them, and I have many of them; about 17 to be precise (yes, I just counted) in varying moods, styles, and sleeve lengths. I am not counting another half-dozen or so white sweaters and button-fronts.

I would be happy to wear a white t-shirt almost every day if it wouldn't turn into a joke or be boring. ("Look, there's that chick who always only wears white shirts! Try to spill something near her!") With my white t-shirts and khakis or jeans whenever I get the chance, I am a Gap executive's wet dream. Dress up occasion? Then white top BLACK pants/skirt, of course. You can't go wrong. Attention, Banana Republic/Gap: Hire me for your next ad campaign! (Or maybe pay me to dress differently.) At least I've learned how to drape a bright cardigan over my shoulders for some color, when appropriate.

Did you remember this about me, I.O.? Yes indeed, internet, this has been so for many years now. I used to jealousy guard my favorite white shirts when we still lived in our childhood home, and it seemed like EVERY TIME I lent one to I.O. it would be spaghetti food fight day day in the school cafeteria. With so much practice, I am excellent at stain removal. Bring it on.

By now I have learned to accept my pathologically basic self. I have even learned to view it as a certain signature style (albeit a lame, unimaginative one). So indulge me, and believe me, I may have found the queen of white tees this time. I'll probably wear it tomorrow; it's good cardigan weather here. Can't wait!

Do you need a good ass-whuppin?

you do if you own or wear the following:
1) Gaucho pants- the name sounds bad, the "pants" look even worse. Even the coke-addicted citizens of the 1980's could tell this was an unattractive look. It went out of style FOR A REASON, PEOPLE!
2) Tie-neck Blouse- We are SO over the needing a female eqiuvalent of the man's Neck-Tie. It just makes you look tired and chubby-faced.
3) Sportswear with writing on the butt. 99% of the time, these are worn by people whose butt one would like to avoid looking at, much less watch a word in contrasting-colored letters jiggling to the left, then right, then left, then right.
4) Fake hair- and by this I mean the ponytail holder or clip with hair attached. It always looks exactly like what it is- plastic hair attached to your head. It's the same as silk flowers- they ALWAYS look fake. And I always feel sorry for the unappreciated nubbin of unseen real hair underneath which is doing it's best to grow out and make you gorgeous, but it's just never enough for you, is it?!! Ungrateful....
5) Shrug sweaters. The irony here is that they're selling you 1/3rd of a sweater for the full price. And besides that, these things make everyone look like they raided the closet of a 10-month old. Pick on someone your own size and steal THEIR sweater, and only if it's made of a natural fiber- preferably cashmere.

Can you tell I went to the mall in the more affluent side of town? Just goes to show you, money can't buy you taste!

The I.O.


I am going to introduce my Monkey to the art of Costume shopping today. no, I don't mean Halloween pre-packaged costumes, I mean costume-design-as-a-career shopping. I have to find a grey granny/victorian blouse and a blue short-sleeved men's shirt as well as various other items required by a show I have designed. She will experience the lightning-fast sizing up of a store's merchandise to determine if they have what I need, the Lunch at a fast-food joint (okay, so it won't be the first-time on that one), the more shopping, more shopping, the trying to find a sales person with half a brain to find the "Tax Exempt" key on the register.... And she will hopefully experience the deep sleep of exhaustion at her remaining naptime while I take a chocolate-break on the couch (that'll be a new addition to my costume-shopping routine- and a welcome one!) And so shall begin her love or hate relationship with costumes and dress-up and marathon-shopping.